Jet Propulsion Laboratory Tour

In order to learn more about aerospace and research facilities, we were granted the opportunity to tour the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, where the brothers listened to a tech talk and toured the laboratories responsible for leading robotic space exploration.

Amway Plant Tour

Our Alpha class pledges arranged a plant tour with Amway, a multi-billion dollar company that distributes products spanning across the healthy, beauty, and home markets. Its 23,000 square feet facility located in Buena Park houses multiple laboratories, vitamin processing plants, offices, and assay facilities.


Theta Tau Mentorship program

Our new mentorship program reinforces the professional pillar, one of Theta Tau's underlying principles. This program was created and tailored to fit the unique needs and career interests of our fellow members. In collaboration with a start-up, Mentor Matchmaker, we created a detailed Mentee Handbook providing Mentor Interview questions, rules of conduct, and program guidelines for the participants. Our mentorship program involves companies such as SpaceX, St. Jude Medical, Raytheon and more. During one-on-one meetings, mentees will be able to practice interviewing skills, revise resumes, and receive valuable knowledge about how you can best secure internships and jobs after graduation. Participating in the mentorship program as students engineers will expose individuals to the guidance, wisdom, and foresight of seasoned professionals.