A Letter from the Regents

Welcome to Theta Tau, the nation’s largest, oldest, and foremost fraternity for engineers.

When we started at UCLA, we were seeking a family within this large and busy campus. At the Upsilon Delta Chapter of Theta Tau, we discovered a group of engineers who strive for professional development, service, and brotherhood. These brothers and sisters gave us a strong sense of community that enabled us to achieve our ambitious goals throughout our college careers. Most importantly, these are the people who made our memories unique and meaningful.

Despite the unprecedented challenges this year, Theta Tau has not forgotten its purpose to foster a supportive environment for our fellow engineers. Together, we have stayed united and maintained a high standard of our values.

We welcome you to explore this website, our recruitment events, and how we could be a part of your remarkable journey at UCLA.

- Co-Regents Stephen Kim & Billy Chen

Theta Tau is a Co-ed Professional Engineering Fraternity seeking to excel in professional development, brotherhood, and service. Our brothers are passionate and motivated engineers dedicated to their brothers and the fraternity as a whole.


We pride ourselves in adhering to the following three principles:


For the purpose of our members' personal growth, as well as our community's benefits, we are involved in projects that give back to the community around us. Serving alongside brothers will establish strong bonds and also guarantee a truly meaningful time through one's college years.


We also seek to shape up one's professional interests to prepare them for their life ahead of college. We plan various networking opportunities as well as events that provide a sneak peek at different professional careers.


We strive to make the group as closely knit as possible throughout one's college years. Our goal is to be one body, creating and maintaining lifelong brotherly bond.

Committed to fostering leadership accross multiple engineering disciplines,
Theta Tau is built upon core values that aim to
strengthen both professional and fraternal bonds between members.